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“I wonder why she was so eager to get us out of the house.” Mary mused, arm linked with her husband’s as they walked along to the bakery. John shrugged, adjusting the collar of his coat in an attempt to shield himself from the cold.

“I guess she just really enjoys those croissants. Remember the day she first tried them?”

“Oh, yes! She was like a little kid at Christmas! It was so funny!” Mary laughed, and John chuckled, turning the corner.

“She was pretty excited, wasn’t she? That’ll make this even better then, once she sees the pastries.”


“I was thinking that, since she got some of her memory back, we could sweeten the deal a little bit. Figured I’d get her some of those croissants with chocolate drizzled on the top. I know she’ll love that.”

“…You’re going to be such a good father, John.” Mary said suddenly, making John look over at her, surprised.

“Where did that come from?” He asked amused, and she shrugged.

“Oh, I was just thinking about it. You’ve been very fatherly to (Name) since we took her in, John. You’re so compassoinate and patient, but you’re very firm, too. It makes me very excited for when the baby’s born.” Mary explained, and John blushed, which was hidden by the cold nipping at his pink face.

“I’m just trying to help out a friend, Mary. I only hope I’m as good as you think I am.”

“Of course you are. It’s not like I’d say anything to you otherwise.” Mary responded, making John scoff. He opened his mouth to respond, but was suddenly cut off by his cellphone ringing. He checked it just as they walked up to the bakery. It was Mrs. Hudson.

“I need to take this real quick. You go inside and get the croissants. Remember, the ones with chocolate on top.”

“Right.” Mary walked into the building, and John switched on his phone, answering his dear friend’s call.


“Oh, John. Thank goodness! I called your house, you know, but no one answered. I take it the three of you are out, then?” Mrs. Hudson began conversationally, and John quirked an eyebrow. No one answered the home phone? (Name) must still have been in the shower or something..

“Yes, well, sorry about that. Me and Mary just went out to grab some brunch for (Name). What is it you needed, Mrs. Hudson?” He asked her, and he heard her sigh over the phone.

“Oh, it’s nothing, John, I’m just…I’m a little worried about Sherlock. Since (Name) went to live at your home instead of staying at the flat, he’s been a lot more distant and cold. He’s so upset, John. I don’t know what to do to cheer him up. He hardly talks to me at all!” She told him, making him exhale softly. A white cloud puffed from his mouth as he spoke, the cold making him shiver ever so slightly.

“I’m afraid I’m partially to blame for the attitude. He came to the house suddenly, saying he needed to drop off her things. Then he gave us some strange instructions to keep it away from her. Needless to say he wasn’t in the best state himself.” John responded, and she huffed over the phone, notifying John that she was indeed worried and a bit frustrated with the consulting detective. Then again, at this point in time, who wasn’t?

“Ahh...I just don’t know with him anymore, John. I mean I knew he’d be upset when he learned she had amnesia, seeing as he’s rather fond of her, but I didn’t think it’d be this bad. They’ve been courting for some time now,’s just so strange seeing him like this. He’s acting as if she’s died!” She continued, and this time John sighed.

“Well we’ve certainly all been there, haven’t we?” He quipped, and he heard a dry chuckle over the phone. “Don’t worry about him too much, Mrs. Hudson. Once she gets her memory back, he’ll be back to normal. Which reminds me, you know she got some of her memory back this morning!” He informed her, and he heard her gasp.

“Really?? She’s getting her memory back so soon? Why, that’s wonderful, John! Oh, I’m so excited! How much did she remember?”

“Only that she didn’t like poached eggs, honestly. Nothing that major, but it’s definitely a step in the right direction, wouldn’t you say?”

“Oh, of course, of course!! Ohhh, I’m so happy for her! We simply must celebrate soon, bring her back to the flat, and see if she could remember other things, too! Do you think that’s a possibility?”

“We’ll see, Mrs. Hudson. Oh, I have to go. Looks like Mary’s bought the croissants already. I’ll get back to you soon, alright?”

“Yes, yes! I’ll talk to you later, John. Goodbye!”

John hung up the phone as soon as Mary walked out. He expected to see her smiling, bag in hand, but instead his wife returned empty handed and looking pale and worried.

“John, I think something’s wrong at the house.” Mary said lowly as soon as she came up to him. His face fell slightly.

“What do you mean?”

“I called to ask (Name) how many she wanted, and to check up on her of course. But she didn’t answer.”

“Mrs. Hudson said the same thing. I think she’s just in the shower.”

“I called three times while you were on the phone with her, John.”



“...Let’s go.” John’s face hardened, and they took off, hurrying back towards the house, weaving through the people walking by as they raced to return to their home. (Name) could be in danger, hurt, or something worse...and the worst part was that they had no idea what to expect.

John turned the corner sharply and practically flew to the house, grabbing his keys and unlocking the door in record time before bursting in, Mary following close behind.

“(Name)?? Are you in here??” John called through the house, frantically searching for the woman. Mary rushed into the kitchen, looking for any sign of (Name).

“She’s not in the bathroom!” She shouted to John.

“She’s nowhere else in the house either!” He yelled back, feeling his face fall. John moved back into the living room, casting one more glance around the room. Suddenly his eyes locked on something, toppled over by the shelf.

The box.

“Mary…(Name) found the box.” John stated grimly, and in a second Mary was in the room with him. She saw the cardboard box laying on its side, all sorts of things spilled out on the floor.

“W-Why is it important? Was there something in there she wasn’t supposed to find?” She wondered, and John shook his head, kneeling next to the box and looking inside.

“I don’t know. Sherlock just handed it over and said put it somewhere she couldn’t reach it. But now...we know whatever was in here made (Name) run away.”

“...I’m gonna kill that detective the second I see him.”

“Don’t- Don’t worry about that right now. We need to find (Name). Call Mrs. Hudson and let her know that (Name)’s gone. She’ll let Sherlock know and then we can move from there, alright?”

“...Alright.” Mary murmured, and disappeared into the kitchen to inform Mrs. Hudson. John stood up, heading for the door and grabbing his scarf, wrapping it around his neck under the coat he hadn’t bothered to take off.

Only one thing was running through his mind as he called out to Mary that he was going back out..

(Name) is missing. Find. (Name). Now.

~To Be Continued~
Boom. Update. Ta-daa~ <333

I hope you enjoyed reading!! ^^

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