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February 4
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“(Name)! You have returned!” An all too familiar voice boomed, and she had only moments to react before she was pulled into the arms of someone she loved.

“Hello, Thor.” She greeted, returning the embrace happily. “I hope you were good while I was gone. No thunderstorms, right?” She asked, looking up at him expectantly. Last time she had left, he’d gotten so lonely he almost caused a hurricane out of sheer sadness. It was certainly out of character and rather unheard of, but he couldn’t help it. He had a bit of a crush on the lovely young lady.

“There...may have been one or two during your absence, my dear. I apologize for that.”

“Hmm...Well, I forgive you, but try not to let it happen again, alright?”

“I will try, (Name). However, there is only one way to ensure that is doesn’t happen again.”


“Simply remain in the Tower.”

“Thor! Don’t be so silly!” She laughed, walking towards the kitchen. The smitten prince followed closely after, a frown on his face.

“(Name), I am being quite serious. I do not wish for you to leave me again.”

“But Thor, I have to. It’s my job! I’m a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent.”

“Which is why you should not leave! These missions, they are so dangerous, I...I worry about you sometimes, (Name).”

“Sometimes?” She repeated, quirking an eyebrow. Thor suddenly pulled a bouquet from behind him.

“All the time may be a more appropriate phrase to use.” He confessed, holding the flowers out to her. She gasped quietly, taking the beautiful blossoms and holding them close to her chest.

“Oh, Thor, they’re captivating! Thank you so much!” (Name) cried happily, giving him a tight hug that he gladly returned.

“Now, do you think you could tell me where your brother is?” She asked, pulling away to place the flowers in a vase. She had her back turned to Thor, so she didn’t notice when his face fell, disappointment and jealousy suddenly clouding his eyes.

“Why, uh, why do you ask?” He questioned nonchalantly. (Name) chuckled, heading down the hall.

“Oh, nevermind, Thor; I can hear him doing some magic spell in his room. You know how anxious he gets when I leave, so I just want to stop in and let him know I’m okay. That’s all!” She stated, oblivious to the emotions in his eyes seeping onto his face. With a soft smile, she disappeared, entering his dear brother’s room. Much to his dismay.


“Oh, Loki~ !” (Name) sang, waltzing into the room with a bright grin on her face. At first, everything went silent; She didn’t hear him casting any spells and didn’t see any light. Just pile upon pile of books cluttering the Tower’s biggest reader’s room.

Suddenly, two arms came from behind her, wrapping around her and pulling her into a chest not quite as broad as Thor’s.

“Hello, Loki.” She said quietly, melting into his hug with a hum.

“...I thought I told you to stop leaving me alone. Those missions, they…are far too dangerous for a woman of your stature.” Loki mumbled like a selfish child, his grip tightening around her.

“Woman of my stature? Loki, I can handle myself perfectly fine out there. I’m never in danger when I go on missions.”

“You might think you’re not, but I know better!” He snapped, withdrawing his arms and pacing in front of her.

“I have read the mission summaries from those blasted files Fury sends you. It angers me to no end, seeing all of the things that you have to do.” He ranted, tossing a hand up in the air frustratedly. (Name) sighed, taking a seat next to a stack of tomes.

“Loki, all I do is handle some guns, shoot up a couple bad guys, get some information and go. My missions aren’t really all that bad.”

“Oh, but they are! You could have a single misstep, even the tiniest of mistakes, and you’ll be dead! Gone! I’ll never get to see you ever again.” Loki explained, huffing and sitting next to her, drawing her into his arms once again.


“I just worry about you, (Name). I don’t want you to die on account of some idiotic mission that accursed Director sends you on. Surely you understand this?” He muttered, his head nuzzled into her neck. (Name) chuckled, running a hand through his silky black hair.

“Yes, Loki. I understand. You know, you and Thor are almost the exact same whenever I come home from missions.” She commented thoughtfully. Loki’s head shot up, his face looking almost hurt.

“What do you mean, ‘the exact same’?” He repeated, and she noted the anger bubbling up in his voice. However, she feigned ignorance. Whenever his brother was involved, he tended to get a little...dramatic, for lack of a better word.

“Aw, you know, Loki! Whenever I come back, you two are always going on and on about how I should just stay in the Tower and not go on missions, even though it’s my job. You know, Thor took it a step further today, though.”


“Yeah! He got me this bouquet of beautiful lilies! You know, they’re my favorite flower! And he told me that he worried about me all the time. It was a really sweet gestu--”

“THOR! WHERE ARE YOU, YOU INSIPID LITTLE WRETCH??” Loki screamed, already running out of the door. (Name) glanced up in surprise, wondering how he could have left so suddenly. Nevertheless, she felt the need to go and investigate. Something was about to go down with her favorite pair of boys, and she needed to figure out what it was.

That, and she knew it was going to be incredibly entertaining.

“What do you want with me, Brother?” She heard Thor ask from the living area. Which is exactly where she headed.

“You do not have the right to call me ‘Brother’, you bull-headed monster!” Loki spat viciously, making (Name) flinch slightly. His tone was the epitome of malice at that moment.

“Why do you call me such names, Loki? What have I done?”

“You know exactly what you have done! How dare you try and steal (Name) away from me!!” He shouted, and she heard Thor exhale sharply.

“She does not belong to you, Loki! You cannot simply claim her because you hold affections for her!” Thor attempted to reason. Loki wouldn’t have it, however.

“You know that I have beheld her for a long time, you manky prat! Now you will take those flowers and throw them away, because she is not your lady, and you will not give her any gifts that should obviously come from me!” He raged, firing a blast of ice at the counter where the lilies sat innocently. And just like that, they were frozen, toppling over the side of the counter with a crash. Thor couldn’t have been angrier.

“How dare you do that to (Name)’s flowers!!” He roared, advancing toward Loki, who still stood firm.

“She is not your lady, and she never will be! She holds affections for me just the same as you do for her! Don’t you see? She will not become your lady, Loki. She is destined to be with me, the man who is actually worthy enough for her. You will always be a friend to her, Little Brother!” He said lowly, anger shaking in his voice.

“Hey! What’s going on you two??” (Name) cut in, deciding it would be best before the fighting actually turned physical. Immediately they froze, Loki in mid-spell and Thor summoning Mjolnir, who still ended up flying into his hand.


“And oh no, what happened to my flowers? What did you do to them?” She asked, heading towards the shattered glass and ice, the petals long gone and dead. But Loki suddenly reached out, catching her arm and leading her to stand before both of them.

“(Name), you must tell us now; Who do you love more??”

“...I’m sorry?”

“Who do you hold affections for most? Loki or I?” Thor repeated, taking hold of her other arm. Feeling about twice as trapped than before, she swallowed thickly, staring up at the two angry, hopeful and expectant faces.

“...Um...W-Well, to be honest, it’s kind of hard to choose. I mean, you’re both so...sweet, and--”

She was cut off when her phone began to ring. She released an arm from Thor so she could reach it, and a smile broke onto her face when she saw who the caller I.D. was.

“Oh, hi, Benedict!!” She cried cheerfully, completely shifting the mood of the room. Thor glanced over at his brother in utter confusion.

“Of course, I’d love to meet you for lunch! I’ll see you at uh, Dunkin’ Donuts?” Her voice snapped them out of their confusion, and of course the fact that she was very quickly leaving, taking her car keys and heading towards the door.

“(N-Name), where are you going?” Loki asked, reaching out towards her again.

“Oh, I have lunch with Benedict. I’ll see you guys later!”

“But you only just returned.” Thor protested, walking to the door to try and stop her. Unfortunately it slammed in his face.

“Bye guys!” She said through the door.

“What...What just happened?” He muttered, completely lost.

“What I want to know is who this ‘Benedict’ character is.”

“I thought it was a type of breakfast food…?”

“Hmm...maybe she wants to have breakfast for lunch, then?”

“Yes, that seems to be the case. We can take this up later then, I suppose.”






“But...Why would a breakfast calling (Name) on her phone to meet her for lunch?”

“Do not question (Name), Brother. I am sure that it is just magic food.”

“Midgardians don’t have magic.”




~Das Ende~
SO I actually had two of these requested. I have every intention of combining them together. :3
And yes. Eggs Benedict. Cumberbatch.

You know, I showed my friend Austin a picture of Benedict, and he said that Benedict looked gay. 
I had to agree. It was pretty funny. :D

Anyways. I have stories to write.

I hope you enjoyed reading! ^^
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