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Berk wasn’t exactly what anyone would choose for their number one vacation spot. It was stuck in the middle of the ocean, had winter weather about 10 months of the year, and wasn’t what anyone would call a particularly hygienic place to visit, let alone live in.

But it wasn’t all bad. No, of course not. How could it be when there were dragons, rideable, amazing dragons that swarmed the island every second of the day? If there were any reasons to stay on the island, even for a couple hours if you could stand it, it was because of those magnificent beats.

And the best part is that they aren’t just there for show. No, people here have learned how to tame them, befriend them, and even ride them. And when you really get to know the dragons, and get the hang of flying them around, that’s when you get to invent new, fun things to do while you’re up in the air with them.

One of these things would be Dragon Racing.

And you wouldn’t believe how much fun that is.

“Catch me if you can, losers!!” (Name) shouted to the boys behind her, swerving sharply on her Skrill as they streaked across the sky, a white sheep safely in tow in the dragon’s claws. She was currently taking the lead (since Hiccup wasn’t present, as usual), Snotlout and Fishlegs trailing behind her, and Astrid speeding towards her as well, zipping up in front of the guys.

“I’m not losing to you, (Name)!!” Astrid called up to her, and in a flash she suddenly zipped up past her, causing (Name) to cry out frustratedly.

“Come on, Thundertongue, faster!!” She ordered her dragon, who roared loudly in response, making her laugh excitedly. Skrills had the ability to fly at sonic speeds (which to those of Berk just thought as extremely fast, seeing as they didn’t know what sonic speed was exactly), which (Name) planned on using to the full advantage.

The Skrill roared loudly, and in a second the skies grew dark, thick with black clouds and the rain about to fall. But that wasn’t the only thing about to come from the clouds. Suddenly a lightning bolt struck, in a mere second. Stormfly yelped at the loud sound, catching Astrid off guard when she swerved suddenly.

“Whoa! Easy, girl, it’s just lightning!” Astrid said soothingly, straightening her dragon up to focus back on the race. But when she looked up once again, she noticed something in the distance.

It was (Name) and Thundertongue. And they were meters ahead in the race.

“No fair!! You cheated with lightning!!” Astrid shouted after her friend, speeding ahead before any of the boys could catch up to them. (Name) laughed excitedly from ahead, turning sharply to capture another sheep for the game. And what sheep should it be but the black sheep, worth 10 points?

“It’s not cheating if it’s an ability the dragon has!!” (Name) called back to her friend, and without a second to lose she swiped the sheep off its hooves and up from the ground, barreling towards her basket to drop the frightened animal in and claim her prize.

And in a mere amount of seconds, the girl had won the game.

The crowd erupted into cheers when (Name) passed over them all, her arms flung out to receive their praises as she did a victory lap above them all. She could feel Astrid glaring at her, but she knew a round of grog for her and the rest of the team would make everything alright.

Because alcohol solves everything.

“(NAME)!” She heard someone yell at her from below, and she recognized it to be Stoick, Berk’s chief and one of the biggest guys she’d ever met in her entire life. And his dragon was even bigger. She sent him a small salute before circling Thundertongue around, flying down to his side and dismounting with a winning grin. She did kind of just win the match, after all.

“Wanted to congratulate me on my victory personally, chief?” She joked, and she saw a small smile cross his face before he shook his head, his eyes showing a little more agitation and frustration than usual.

“We can celebrate later. Hiccup’s nowhere to be found once again and I needed to speak to him about something important this afternoon. Right after the match. Of course he decided to go flying off to Thor knows where and I need you to go find him.” He explained bluntly, and she nodded in understanding, placing her hand on his shoulder reassuringly.

“Don’t worry, chief. I’ll bring him back safe and sound.” She assured him, and just like that she was back on Thundertongue and making her way back up into the sky. She waved to him as they began to take off, calling back to him, “He’s probably just gone out past the oceanline again! He’ll be home before sun down!! I promise!”

And with that she was off to find the troublesome boy and his dragon. Unfortunately for him, this may or may not have been the 13th time this month he’s disappeared like this.


What had started out as a perfectly normal day exploring and having a decent time by Hiccup’s self with Toothless went completely crazy when he was suddenly plucked from the island he’d just discovered and was currently being flown through the air by the ever so lovely (Name).

“(NAME), WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!” He screamed over the wind whipping around him as they jetted through the skies, the open ocean just begging for him to be dropped into it. Said girl only cackled excitedly, her grip on her Skrill loosening so she could lean over and check on the poor victim of her kidnapping.

“Taking you for a ride! What else??” She responded, and with that;

Proceeded to barrel roll.

“OH GODS, (NAME) SERIOUSLY! YOU NEED TO STOP!” Hiccup shouted, only to receive more laughter as a response. Thundertongue roared happily to himself, rocketing upwards into the air with Hiccup secured between his legs. Not the best position to be riding with a Skrill in, to be honest.

“Aw c’mon, Hiccup! Why don’t ya live a little sometimes??” (Name) cried, and with that, proceeded to give Thundertongue the ultimate order.

“Let’em fly, Thunder!” She told him, and Hiccup barely had a second to react before he was suddenly dropped, left to plummet towards the water. (Name) watched with an amused grin, waiting to see him open up those little wings he used to glide around with Toothless sometimes. She was the first person he’d shown them to, so she knew he had them.

“Huh…” She watched as he still continued to fall towards the water, “he had the wings when I dropped him, right?” She asked her dragon, who only rumbled in response. She just shrugged, chuckling to herself when she realized that he indeed was not wearing them.

“Whelp, looks like I made the mistake this round. Thundertongue, let’s go pick us up a Hiccup!” She ordered her dragon, and in seconds they were streaking towards the water, Hiccup still falling and shouting lovely obscenities at her as he did, only meters away from the sea.

“Hang on, Hiccup! I’m almost-” She swooped down, grabbing the boy by his artificial foot just as his head splashed into the water, “-there.”

“Seriously, (Name)?! Why do you insist on doing this to me every time Dad sends you after me??” He snapped at her as she pulled him up behind him on her saddle. His arms wrapped around her waist, his hair and face soaked with the salty H2O. She shrugged, driving the dragon upwards and back towards the island she’d stolen him from.

“Well every other time you had your little wings on with you. It’s not like I knew this time you wouldn’t be wearing them. This one’s on you, sweetie!” She said with a snicker, a sound the Skrill mimicked throatily. Hiccup just groaned, wiping the water off his face and glaring at the girl as they began to circle around the small, unmapped island Hiccup was on moments before. As they came closer they could see Toothless looking extremely annoyed and a tad worried being stranded on the island without his rider.

“Aww, look; He missed you! I swear, you guys are like father and son. It’s so weird.” She joked, and Hiccup just shook his head with a smile, jumping off Thundertongue before they landed on the ground. Toothless ran over to his bestie with dilated pupils, which quickly retracted when they locked onto the Skrill landing on the ground.

“Y’know, I get the feeling that Toothless and Thundertongue don’t like each other very much.” (Name) observed when she slid off the blind beast’s back, the pair of Mystery Class dragons beginning to growl and yaulp at each other. Hiccup only shrugged, his attention focused on the map he’d left behind on the little formation, leaving (Name) with a confounded smile and a quirked brow. She sidled up to him, and rested her arms on his back, leaning over his shoulder to see what he was doing while the two dragons behind them carried on their little quarrel.

“So what’re you calling this one?” She wondered, resting her chin in her palm as she watched him sketch a rough outline of the small rock. He grunted as he worked, glancing from his compass to the drawings every few seconds and completely ignoring the beautiful lady who was practically sitting on him, trying to get his attention.

“I dunno...Toothless, what do you think?”

Said dragon only growled, the Skrill growling right back. Apparently still caught up in their little “verbal” fight, it seemed.

“Looks like we’re callin’ this one ‘Growling Threat’.” He decided, and wrote out the Norse letters, giving it a final once over before folding the expanding map back up and putting it in one of his many, many pouches.

“Hey, that one doesn’t sound too bad, for once! It actually sounds like a pretty cool name.” She complimented him, and he glanced back at her with a less-than-amused expression, securing the papers before facing her completely, pushing her off his self.

“Yeah? Well you can thank your blind buddy over here. He and Toothless just can’t seem to get along.” Hiccup chided, and he was right; Toothless was resorting to plasma blasts now as the two characters romped around the island, the Skrill making that throaty laugh-like sound as they did. (Name) couldn’t help but smile at the pair.

“I think it’s just a jealous rivalry going on. I’m sure they’ll figure it out.” She said dismissively, scooting closer to the dashing chief-to-be. Then she reached up to his hair and started playing with the completely useless braid he always wore, tucked behind the rest of his somewhat unruly style.

“It’s a good thing you and I aren’t like that, right?” She murmured, twisting it around between her fingers. Hiccup only hummed, enjoying the close proximity of the girl and himself. The dragon’s scuffling was quickly becoming white background noise.

“Mm, I guess so. Then again, the two of us aren’t exactly Mystery Class dragons.”

“Hiccup, you might as well be! You’re practically a mystery, wrapped up in another mystery and dipped with extra mystery!” She joked, earning a laugh from them both. The sun had slowly begun to set in the afternoon air, causing the sky to deepen its blue colors as the moon began to peek out over the other end of the horizon.

“Hey, Hiccup...I promised your dad that I’d have you back before sunset.”

“Okay...what does that have to do with anything?” His question lingered for a single second before he was suddenly flipped over and pushed to the ground, (Name) now on top of him with that painfully mischievous grin on her face.

“We’ve got a couple hours until then, don’t we? Why don’t we try to unwrap some of your...mystery?”

“...Sounds like a good idea to me.”

She smirked broadly as soon as the words came out of his mouth before pressing her lips to his for a delightfully passionate kiss, neither of them aware of the two dragon’s newfound silence, both of them watching their riders with dilated pupils as they literally got it on on Growling Threat.

Because dragons know what’s up. Even the blind one.

~Das Ende~
SO. This happened. A brief little promo I wanted to make for HTTYD2 since it's coming out today (it's 2 a.m. as I write this) AND I didn't do a five day countdown like I did for Captain America 2. Nonetheless I wanted to do something special, and THIS was the result! My brief interlude between DOZENS of commissions. x'D

Note: The Skrill is a blind dragon born blind and has the ability to ride on streaks of lightning bolts in order to get around quickly. Skrill's have always been one of my favorite dragons and I really want one of my own (ahhh, I dream), so I figured I'd give Reader-chan one in the story.
Besides, they know what's going on, baby~ <3

I hope you enjoyed reading!! ^^
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mirathomson Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Clap lol there should be a part two when (name) and hiccup get back at dark and his dad is really mad and blows up at then but stops when he sees battle ships in the distance.

the rest you can do:happybounce: 
Emma-Rosse Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
It sounds so interesting q v q
I'll see what I can do but since I'm so swamped it might be ages until it comes... Q M Q

would you maybe be interested in doing a collab of sorts?
mirathomson Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
sure i would like that. :D (Big Grin) :happybounce: 
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Very cool! If you want,  you can note me whenever you feel up to starting the collab! ^^
Lifeinsixwords Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2014  New member
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Sophiathehusky333 Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2014  Student Digital Artist
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Your hiccup stories.....are the best. I wish you had longer ones. I've read them all.
BlueWolfhanyou Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2014
Oh my gosh XD hahaha this was so funny! i loved it!
music-art-are-me Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
That was a good story! Very, how shall I say it, interesting?
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