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//whispers yo tengo dos ocs still for sale. q u q go buyyy plssss <3 

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the baes




//whispers yo tengo dos ocs still for sale. q u q go buyyy plssss <3
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I'm allowed to draw now, right? q v q
Clint Barton was full of a lot of things, you realized as you sat up in bed. You stretched with a soft yawn, looking around the bedroom. He could be so romantic, at times, when he wasn’t being cold and distant. Not only that, but he could be gentle despite being one of the strongest assassins SHIELD had to offer. He was caring, and honest, and in all honesty- He was hot.

But little did you know he could be full of all that crap, and still have surprises to offer.

You blinked, feeling like everything in your shared room was brighter. Happier, even. You’d say you didn’t know why, but trust me, you definitely did. A grin crossed your lips as you felt your excitement grow.

Today was officially your 25th friggin’ birthday.

You leaned over to Clint, who’d fallen asleep with his back turned to you. You hardly care, though, pressing soft lips to his shoulder, then to his neck, and ear.

“It’s time to get up, sleepyhead.” You murmured to him, and you heard him hum, shifting under the duvet.

“You should wake me up like that more often.” He mumbled, and you could hear the smile in his voice as he stretched, adjusting his hold on his pillow. You smirked, planting a kiss in his hair, and then you rose to slip out of bed.

“Come on, Clint. You know I’m only happy like this on special occasions. I’m too grumpy to wake you up all nice and sweet everyday.” You joked, stretching your arms and legs when your toes touched the plush little carpet on your side of the bed.

“Yeah, I know quite well. Trust me.” Clint joked, and you scoffed, shaking your head as you changed. You heard him shuffle around in bed before hearing his steps on the wooden floor. And after that, a pair of strong arms wrapped around you.

“You look even more gorgeous than usual.” He said smoothly, brushing lips against your hair. You smiled, leaning against him as you buttoned your nicer jeans. You figured you’d wear something a little nicer than usual. Seeing as, you know, it’s your birthday.

“Well, I thought the occasion called for it, today. Plus I know how much you like seeing me in these jeans.”

“Darn right.” He muttered, pinching your butt and making you squeak. You playfully slapped his arms away before heading for the conjoined bathroom, rolling your eyes when he snickered. A brush went through your hair, pulling through knots to make you look even better.

“So, what’s so special about today that I get my fanservice this morning?” Clint asked, tossing on an underarmor shirt and grabbing those lovely tight work pants.

“I know you didn’t just ask me that.” You chuckled, assuming he feigned ignorance. He was kind of your husband of two years, following a year and a half of dating.

“Sorry. Is it- uh, something important?” Clint questioned, zipping up his SHIELD uniform.

Hold up.

Zipping up his uniform?

“Uhh.. Yeah, it’s extremely important, to a certain someone you’re married to.” You continued, retaining your impatience. Clint was smart. Clint knew how to figure things out. And he definitely knew when your birthday was, and that he didn’t go to work, so he could spend the day with you.

“Oh, yeah? What, is Sherlock’s season premiere tonight?” He guessed, and your jaw clenched. You liked to think you were patient, but it was moments like this when you severely doubted that fact.

“That’s next year, honey.” You seethed. He just shrugged, hands going up defensively.

“Sorry, sorry. I know you’re passionate about your Brits. I’ll try to remember that.” He apologized, but it was fairly obvious he thought it trivial.

“Try something a little more.. significant.” You carried on, “An event of extreme significance. Related to your significant other?”

“..Huh. I’m not, um.. I didn’t forget our anniversary, did I?” Clint finally tried, and you were this close to smacking your man across the face.

“Gosh darn it, Clint! It’s my birthd-” You were cut off when Clint suddenly stopped you, running out of the room.. to pick up the ringing phone.

Your husband ran out of your conversation to pick up the telephone.

You dug your fingers into your palms, stomping over to your bed and promptly screaming into a pillow. Unbelievable. He was forgetting your birthday, for the first time in three years. At least, that was seriously what it felt like.

“Hey, sweetheart. Look, Fury just called. I’ve got an urget assignment he needs done today.” Clint told you, coming back into the room to get his bag and bow and arrows. You should have sabotaged them when you had the chance. Because Clint Barton was walking out on you to go be Fury’s lapdog instead of spending the day with his wife.

On your birthday.

“Hmmrrgh.” You grumbled into a pillow, flopped across the bed. Clint came over, planting a chaste kiss to the top of your head before heading for the door, totally abandoning an obviously livid wife.

“I’m gonna pick up some food on the way, so don’t worry about breakfast. Oh, and when I get back, I’ll take another shot at figuring out what the heck you’re so worked up about.” He added, saying a fast goodbye before literally running out on you again.

You just laid on the bed, waiting until the door was shut before getting up. And cue indignant pout.

“I can’t believe him.” You grumbled, hoisting yourself up with crossed arms,. You didn’t care how childish it was; You were upset. Not even an hour into your birthday and it was already going south. I mean really; What was worse than your husband forgetting your special day?

All of your friends ignoring it too, apparently.

Throughout the morning, you sulked around the house, phone in hand as you stole Clint’s super special ice cream tub and ate straight out of it. You hadn’t gotten a single text from any one of those darn Avengers at all. Not even from Tony, who always spammed your phone with birthday texts (some more suggestive than others).

Clint always got jealous/annoyed when he saw them, and usually went to shoot an arrow through JARVIS’ core system if he didn’t stop.

’Looks like he won’t have to, this year.’ You thought bitterly, and you plopped down on the couch, shovelling ice cream into your mouth. The TV was on, and you were trying really hard to watch Yankee Jungle and laugh at the crazy old people.

But you were distracted by little tears dripping from your eyes. Wordlessly, you grabbed your phone, dialing up the only person you could, at the moment.


“What do you want, kid? I’m kind of busy.” Your lovely friend, Benjamin Grimm, replied gruffly on the other end of the receiver. You couldn’t really blame him; Being The Thing didn’t exactly give you a silky, smooth voice.

“B-Ben, you know what today is, right?”

“‘Course I do. It’s your birthday.” He replied, and you felt a wave of relief wash over you. Finally, someone who you could count on.

“Ben, you’re the first person to remember my birthday, today.”

“You serious? What about that stint you married? He always remembers.” Ben pointed out, but you sighed, pulling a couch cushion up to your chest.

“Yeah, well.. Not this year. Guess it slipped his mind, just like all my other friends, apparently.” You muttered.

“Told you he was good-for-nothing.” Ben growled, and you chuckled, turning the volume down on the TV.

“It’s the only time he’s forgotten, Benny. I think I could maybe let it slide. He’s not all that bad, you know.”

“He is if he can’t even remember your birthday! If I did that to Alicia, I’d never forgive myself. An’ I don’t even want to think about how bad she’d feel.” He told you, and you hummed, squeezing the pillow.

“When he comes home, we can plan some way to get him back, I guess. But I figure I’ll wait until the end of the day. Who knows? Maybe he’ll bring me some present or flowers, or something.”

“You keep believin’ that, sweetheart. If he don’t, just call me up. I’ll take care of him for ya, an’ then you an’ me can go getcha somethin’  nice to eat.” He offered, and you giggled, smiling a little bit brighter that morning.

“Sounds like a plan. Just don’t break him.”

“No promises.”

“I’ll talk to you later, Benny. Thanks.” You said goodbye, and the two of you hung up. The phone was tossed to the other side of the couch and you flopped back, staring up at the ceiling with tired eyes.

With your luck, Ben would probably end up beating your husband down, given the current circumstances. He was going to be stuck at work all day. And by the time Ben takes you out for dinner, he’d be splattered against the wall in a bunch of tiny Hawkeye pieces. Because when The Thing is mad, The Thing is mad.

“Oh, well.. At least Ben won’t let me have a totally awful birthday.” You mumbled to yourself, drawing the pillow to your face as if to hide yourself from the world. The Avengers were a bunch of smart, fairly caring, and responsible-ish people. Surely they could remember your birthday. Like they had every single year before this one.

’Is it because of the time I broke Clint’s special arrow case? Or when I replaced Thor’s pop-tart’s with organic so he’d eat better? Orrr that one time when Tony dared me to punch Steve in the face and I did? ...And didn’t apologize?’

The list went on and on as you thought, but you were quickly cut off by your phone going off a few minutes later. You groaned, trying to lazily pick it up with your feet. And after a few minutes of trying, the phone quit ringing. You sighed, pulling yourself up into a sitting position to see who the heck you were too lazy to bother answering.

And you’d never guess who it was.

“Why’s Clint bothering to call me, now?” You wondered to yourself, quirking an eyebrow at the ID. It’d already been a few hours since he left. He should’ve already been stuck in the mission, by now.

’To call back? Or not to call back?’ The question lingered in your mind for only a second before your phone began to ring again, and it was just your luck that your lovely jerk of a husband was calling you, yet again.

“..What?” You answered the call, and you heard Clint sigh, sounding relieved.

“For a second there I thought you were mad at me.” He replied, and you bit your tongue.

“Mmhmmm..? And why might that be?” You questioned him, and for a second, there was a pause.

“Uhhhhhhhhh.. no reason. I was just calling to see if you could do me a favor.”

He really knew how to try your patience.

“Oh, so you’re gonna walk out of the house, totally abandon me this morning, not even bother to do anything special for me today-- and then ask me for a favor?”

“Well, I mean, it’s kind of important.”

“Then get Nat to do it.”

“It’s something that only you can do.”


“Come on, just trust me for a second, okay? I need you to go grab my pistol. I think I left it in the closet, but if not, then it’s probably in the-”

“-Bedside table. Got it.” You grumbled, and you could have sworn there were snickers on the other side of the phone. Followed by someone getting smacked in the head, and a whine. Sounded an awful lot like Tony..

“I need you to bring it to the Tower, okay?”

“What? Why? I thought you were on a mission.”

“I am, I just- Fury partnered me with Stark, and we’re getting the debrief, here. 77th floor, got it?”

“...Huh. Yeah, sure. Whatever.”

“Thanks, babe. I’ll see you soon.”


“Love you.”

“Mmm.” You bluntly cut him off, not bothering to let him hang up as you snapped your phone off, tossing it across the room (safely onto the recliner), and stomped into the bedroom, grabbing the gun out of the drawer and shoving it into its holster before taking it with you to the car.

’Just don’t act surprised when I shoot you in the foot.’ You thought-grumbled, pulling out onto the road and heading straight for the Tower. It didn’t take you too long to get there, considering it was right there where the whole world could see, and you’d memorized the route by heart.

When you weren’t home, you were in the Tower. And you’d been spending the last few birthdays there, with all your friends. Funny how you were going there now, and it wasn’t even about celebrating.

You grit your teeth to restrain yourself from beating your husband with the gun hilt when you got in there.

“(Name), good to see you.” Happy greeted you when you walked in, and you offered a small smile. “You look nice.”

“Thanks, Happy. I’m here to drop off Clint’s gun. He needs it for his mission.” You explained to him, seeing as you hadn’t set up an appointment or anything.

“For his mission? That’s weird.” Happy replied, looking confused. You mirrored the expression, asking “What’s weird? He and Tony have an assignment together, right?”

“Well, yeah, but-- I don’t think I’m supposed to talk about it. They’re up on the 77th floor, waiting for you.” Happy continued, and your eyebrows rose as you shrugged off his slightly strange behavior, heading for the elevator.

Punching in the numbers, your arms folded as you waited to get to the floor. Somehow, you were starting to get the feeling that something was just a little screwy.

And when the doors slid open, you knew exactly what it was.


Your hands flew up to your mouth as you stared, shocked, at the sight before you. The whole floor had been decorated with hundreds of balloons, sweet pastries lining a table right in the middle, and a cake taking up the center that said “Happy 25th” to steal the show.

And who should be charging up to you but all the Avengers, swooping you up in a massive hug.

You laughed as Tony tackled you first, pulling you into a tight squeeze when Nat came in, too, ruffling your hair (since she was too cool for actually hugging you). Pietro and Wanda were next, being the kids that they were, and Thor swooped all of you up, even Bruce and Nat who both objected. Steve stayed on the safe end, popping confetti in your face.

You couldn’t help the happy tears that slipped down your face, hugging them all back as best you could.

“Oh my gosh, you guys!! I can’t believe you-- I thought you forgot!!” You cried, and Tony laughed, wrapping an arm around you as he lead you over to the food.

“As if we’d forget your birthday. You’re like, 25% closer to dying now. We gotta cash in every second we get, right?”

“Not the most graceful way of putting it, but sure.” You agreed, punching him in the arm. Pietro came up next to you, wrapping an arm around your waist.

“Well, Beautiful? What say you to breakin’ into that cake? It’s like, calling my name.” Pietro told you, making you snicker. These boys were so ridiculous.

“Alright, alright, hands off the wife.” You heard Clint’s voice from behind, and suddenly you felt him pull you away from the idiots, and right up against him. His hands rested on your waist, and you smirked at him.

“So you were planning this the whole time, huh?” You mused, and he shrugged with a grin.

“What kind of husband would I be if I forgot your birthday?”

“The kind Ben Grimm wants to beat up.” You murmured, and his face flickered.

“Oh, God. You called Grimm, didn’t you?”

“In my defense, I thought you all forgot my birthday. I can’t help it!” You defended yourself, and he chuckled, kissing your nose.

“Just let him know we didn’t, so you don’t end up with broken Avengers, alright?”


“Great!” Nat chirped, coming over and slinging an arm around your shoulder. You quirked an eyebrow at her, “Now let’s get this party started. Stark’s been dying to break into the champagne since we started setting up.”

“Steve’s tackled him twice.” Bruce added from the side, and you couldn’t help but laugh again. Clint took your hand in his, leading you over to the cake, lit up with plenty of lovely little candles. You’d bet money that it was your favorite flavor, too.

You forced back the rest of your happy tears, leaning against Clint as they all began to sing you “Happy Birthday”, with Pietro and Wanda yelling the song in Transian, like the little nerds they were. But honestly, you wouldn’t have had it any other way.

These dorks were your best friends, and of course they’d never forget about you.
Especially Clint, who you knew was the leader of them all.

He was lucky you loved him as much as you did, for sure.





“...And, uh, by the way, Clint?” You whispered to him after the cake was cut and everyone was having a pretty amazing time. Clint leaned over to you, pecking your cheek.


“When you left, I kind of got mad and.. uhh.. Ice cream may or may not have been eaten.”

“Oh, that’s cool.”


“...You ate my special ice cream, didn’t you?”


“You’re so lucky it’s your birthday.”

“And you’re lucky I didn’t shoot you in the foot when I came in.”

“Why would you-”

“I thought you forgot my birthday!”

“And you were gonna shoot me for it?”

“What’d you expect, Barton? The girl’s a fighter. I was gonna marry her if you didn’t.”

“And I’ll shoot you if she doesn’t.”

“Whoa, hostile.”

“Darn right. I love my wife.” He stated, wrapping his arms around you and kissing you right on the lips. Some gagged, some awed, some coughed/blushed/took pictures.

And some busted through the window threatening to kill Clint, who allegedly forgot your birthday. Oh, right; You hadn’t told Ben everything was okay, yet.

Happy birthday, indeed.

Clint x Reader |Surprises|
plus i've been suffering from severe Hawkeye withdrawal.. it's fatal sometimes.. especially when you're a huge fangirl like I freakin' am..
I just needed the relief!! D'x
Anyways, a very happy belated birthday to Death-Dealer123 who specifically demanded le Clint x Reader. <3
Unfortunately I was sick yesterday, so this came in a tad late. :'I Happy birthday, beautiful! 

I hope you enjoyed reading!! ^^ 
Shoutout to my bae! Go wish her a happy birthday!! :-)





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