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avengers x reader requests open on twitter! request one @ItsEmmaRosse asap! I neeeed your ideas!!  q v q
You couldn’t sleep the entire night. Frederick had respected your space (or something to that effect), and hadn’t wrapped you up in his arms like he did every night before. It felt...really lonely. Then again, you had kind of blocked him out when you pretended to fall asleep while facing away from him. But in your defense, he did kind of spend the entire day laughing and smiling with Cordelia.

You sighed softly, scrunching up tighter as you thought about the man sleeping next to you. Cordelia and Sumia were hanging around him more and more often, it seemed. And it would’ve been alright, if Frederick wasn’t so openly friendly with them both. At one point you’d overheard him calling Cordelia “brilliant”, and Sumia…”beautiful”. They might have just been compliments, but they felt like so much more.

Especially considering such commentary was extremely rare, even if it could possibly be directed at you from Frederick.

You mentally slapped yourself. What were you thinking?! Snapping out of the thoughts, you huffed, slipping out of bed in search of your clothes. You were overreacting, surely.

Frederick was the last person anyone would expect to cheat on a lady, or his wife, for that matter. He was the most gentlemanly person you’d ever met, to be honest. Not only that, but he was your husband. Your husband.

For all you knew, he could just be treating them with kindness. They’d all known each other for such a long time, it was only natural he’d approached them with extraordinary appreciation. But after what Maribelle had said, you couldn’t help but still feel doubtful. Because what if she was right? What if they were deliberately going after your husband?

With another heavy sigh, you left the tent, careful not to wake Frederick. You needed to get out, get some space, and try to figure things out. And perhaps talk with Maribelle later.

The air was a lot cooler than you realized, and that was probably because Frederick had yet to set the campfires up. Not only that, but the sun hadn’t even peeked up over the hills. The sky was a dark gray at best.

You shivered against the cold, beginning to shuffle out towards the open field. A hand came up and twirled a long strand of hair thoughtlessly, your expression dazed. You’d never been in a situation like this, before. On the one hand, whether it was a situation or not was the first issue, and the other, you weren’t sure how you were supposed to deal with it if it was a legitimate, marital issue.

’...Ugh, this is all Maribelle’s fault.. If  I hadn’t let her tell me her little “thoughts”, maybe I wouldn’t be so suspicious of Frederick and… the other two.’ You thought to yourself with a frown, blinking slowly against the breeze running across your face.

It was a little windy that morning. But what made it strange was that it was suddenly so. Pushing some of your hair out of your face, you squinted in the distance. There was someone standing out there. The wind picked up even more, making your brow furrow.

“This doesn’t feel normal.” You whispered to yourself, feeling something stir in your chest. You were suddenly uneasy. The wind began to grow stronger, to the point that you were fighting to stay in place. It was almost as if it was trying to push you forwards. Towards the figure in the field.

And that’s what tipped you off that it wasn’t a friend.

“What are you doing?!” You suddenly cried, searching for something to use as a weapon. All that remained in your clothes was a small dagger, poorly made from Vaike as a “wedding gift” of sorts. Not entirely sure what it was supposed to be used for, but you appreciated the thought all the same.

At least now you were thankful you had it with you.

The figure didn’t respond. Instead, you just kept getting closer and closer. You grit your teeth, heart beginning to pound in your ears, the wind roaring around you, forcing you to come up towards the person. The ground was being dug up around you as you buried your feet into it, trying to anchor yourself.

The person was mere meters away, and you weren’t sure what you were more terrified of; who it was, or what they were going to do with you. You hid the knife in your sleeve, clutching onto it like your life depended on it.

But suddenly, the wind.. stopped.

“Whoa!” You cried, losing your balance. You would’ve gone tumbling forward, but something caught you.


“..Hello, little sister.”

Your heart clenched at the sound of the person’s voice. Deep, and gravelly, and hoarse. Unpleasant by all means, and..


“W-Who are you?!” You managed to ask, struggling to get away from them. From him.

The man laughed, his grip on you tightening, your body completely immobilized by his hands. He hoisted you up so you could look him in the eye. They were dark, and black, like a shark’s. And he looked hungry.

“I’m no friend, that’s for certain.” He replied, and you growled, pulling at his hold. His hands tightened on your body and you squirmed. You couldn’t move your arm enough to flex the knife, let alone use it to attack.

“Yeah, I kind of put that together.” You spat, making him chuckle. His grip loosened ever so slightly.

“You’re a pretty bright one. At least, that’s what I’ve heard. Aversa spoke rather eh.. rather fondly of you while I was on my way here.”

“‘Aversa?’” You repeated, and your eyes widened with realization. “You’re working with Validar??”

“Ah ha, so she was right, it seems. Though I’m not just working, you know. I’m a part of him. Just like you.” He said lowly, leaning in and staring straight through you. He wore a cowl, one that shielded the rest of his face from identification. His entire body was hidden in armor and cloth, making it impossible to recognize him.

Though recognition wasn’t something you were concerned about.

Without a second to lose you smashed your head against his, and he cringed, his hands gone from you for only a moment. That was all you needed.

“SOMEONE, HELP!!” You screamed at the top of your lungs, swerving and sprinting away from him as fast as you could, hair flying behind you as you tried to get away. The man growled and gave chase, ripping you back by your hair and pulling you back to him.

And then, something strange happened.

The ground beneath you began to rumble and shake, and you gasped, feeling something huge erupt from the ground.

Giant snakes.

Your eyes widened in horror and you tried to move, tried to get away from them, but to no avail. They stared up at you hungrily, and as if you had blinked they disappeared, slithering up to your legs. And then they struck you, right at the center of your calves.

And you felt them snap your bones in half.

You cried out in pain, unable to walk or even move. Fire burned from your legs all through your body and you withheld a sob, the man forcing you to remain standing. His legs had moved, and he was breathing heavily. As if he had broken them himself.

“What’s the matter, little sister? It’s as if you’ve seen something horrible. Snakes, perhaps?” He guessed, cackling madly. You couldn’t speak, only yelped in pain every time he jostled you, tugging at your hair cruelly. Hot tears began to spill from your eyes and you tried to reach up, tried to fight him, but every time, he’d shove you down on your legs. It was agony, and you didn’t know how to get out.

“No need to cry, sis. Looks like the calvary’s coming.” He muttered to you with a dark chuckle. You couldn’t open your eyes. Or rather, you wouldn’t. It was too soon. The grip on your knife was so hard you felt blood trickle from your fingers. You’d only have one shot at this. Though with broken shins, your chances of success were looking extremely minimal.

“Let her go!!” You heard someone roar, and you felt him move, looking up at whomever had spoken. He grinned, holding you up again, and you yelped, the shockwaves from your legs near unbearable. Still, you managed to crack your eyes open, enough to see some of your friends riding up to where the man was holding onto you. Panne, Cordelia, Sumia, Libra, and Frederick. Leading them all with blinding fury in his eyes.

“Oh? And who might you be?” The man asked as they approached, all of them ready to fight, and Panne looking ready to pounce on him in her beast form. The glowing eyes were especially dangerous. However Frederick, he looked as if he was ready to tear the man apart.

“The man who’s going to rip your limbs from your body if you do not release her right. Now.” Frederick glowered, his glare sending a chill down your spine. The man only scoffed, yanking you up higher by your hair. Your cry of pain made Frederick’s face flicker, if only for a moment. But that was all the man needed to make the connection.

“Ohhh, so she’s connected to you somehow, is she?” He mused, grabbing your left hand and inspecting it. “It uh, it wouldn’t have anything to do with this little ring, would it?” He asked, but Frederick’s scowl only worsened, urging Hebert forward.

“It doesn’t matter! You will release her immediately, or else you will suffer the ultimate consequence!” He threatened. The man couldn’t have been more amused.

“What? And give up my hostage? Unfortunately, I need her to come with me. She’s a little more important than most of you realize. Besides, I get the feeling that even if I did let her go, you’d still kill me. Seeing as she’s in a bit of a pinch, and that was sort of my fault, yeah?” He pointed out, nudging one of your legs with a heavy boot. You bit down on your lip to withhold another scream. You were almost there.. Frederick just needed to come a little bit closer.

“Touch her again, and I will end you!” Frederick yelled, but this only made the man laugh louder.

“You seriously think you can tell the great Orvald what to do? You’re absolutely hilarious, sir!” He cackled, holding you up again. White hot fury exploded across Frederick’s face, and he came ever closer. Orvald wouldn’t have it.

“Let her go!!”

“Take another step closer and you’re not going to see her aga--”

Suddenly your hand flew up from your coat and you slashed above your head, feeling the twinge of pain as your hair was shorn from your head.

Everything after was a blur.

Your body hit the ground with a thud and you grunted, stars flickering across your eyesight. Orvald cursed above you, and you knew he was going to get you back. But just before he reached for you, a lance crossed over you, and went straight through his side.

He howled in agony, Hebert whinnying above you. Frederick had gotten him. Orvald inhaled with shaky breaths, and the sound of skin and muscle tearing over you signaled that he had pulled the lance out.

He pulled the lance out of his body.

“Y-You… You’re going to pay for that!!” She heard him declare, and the wind suddenly picked up again, roaring around the team of Shepherds. You hid your face in the ground, feeling Hebert stand between you and Orvald as he backed away with the wind.

And just like that, the gusts were gone. And so was Orvald.

“That was.. much too intense for a morning scouting.” You heard Cordelia comment, sounding rather off put by what had just happened. Though it sounded like nothing short of static to you, the pain racking your body as you felt someone lifting you up from the ground. Your legs were definitely not supposed to twist that way.

“(Name), are you alright?? What happened??” You heard Frederick say over you worriedly, but all you could focus on was the white noise pounding in your ears as your legs were forced to move again. Having to stand on broken ones was bad enough, and being lifted from the ground and moving them definitely wasn’t any better.

“AGH!! F-Frederick, t-that hurts!!” You yelped, clutching onto his armor with tears streaming down your face again. You heard his breath hitch.

“Forgive me, (Name). J-Just hold on a moment longer, we’re going to get you to the healing tent as soon as possible. Just hold on!” He reassured you. He tried to lift you as gently as he could, mounting you on Hebert and heading back towards the camp. You could practically feel the anxiety on his face as he rode, taking you back. You could hear your friends clambering around you, trying to make sure you were alright.

But none of it mattered. Not to you, or to Frederick. His heart pounded in your ears, you could hear it as he galloped back to the Shepherds, over his shouts for help.

“(Name), we’re almost there. You’re going to be alright, milady, I promise!”

That was the last thing you remembered before you blacked out.

~To Be Continued~
FF: Frederick x Reader Above All Others [4]
Dramatic intense story is dramatic intense~
Sorry about that guys, I just couldn't resist. Orvald is probably not a good guy, as you'll soon find out. ...Next Friday. hehehhehehhe >:-D

though I might update sooner, if I feel the need to. Besides, I've got a couple RQ's I need to get written up for Frederick Friday anyways! > v <

Don't forget to follow on Twitter @ItsEmmaRosse ! I definitely would appreciate the follows and the support!!

I hope you enjoyed reading!! ^^

Previous: FF: Frederick x Reader Above All Others [3]
*Coming 10/31/2014* (Maybe sooner~!)
She had been searching for Gerome for a little while now, curious as to where he could have gone. (Name) was always very perceptive of whenever her husband was or wasn’t around, and seeing as he nearly spent every waking moment with him since the first fateful night, it was definitely odd to not see him anywhere nearby.

However she caught a glimpse of long, wind blown black hair, and she smiled to herself, heading in the direction of the field a little ways away. He was alone with his thoughts, again. And most of the time, that wasn’t really a good thing.

She heard Gerome sigh as she silently approached, leaning against his lance with a deep frown on his face. If anyone else had looked at him, they’d think he was just being his usual, brooding self. But for (Name), she knew better than that. So when she saw him sitting by himself, Minerva tucked away in the stall and leaving him all alone, which was what tipped her off that something was wrong.

“Gerome..?” She asked softly, walking up to where he sat, arms folded tightly against her chest. He jerked his head toward her, caught a bit off guard by her. Seeing as he usually brooded on his own, it was strange having company. Even if that company was his wife.

“Ah.. (Name). Can I do something for you?” He asked softly, and she smiled, taking a seat next to him on the cool grass. He had his mask on again, which he always made a habit to take off when he was around her. Another clue that something was off.

“Oh, not much. I was just told you were out here alone, and seeing as it’s pretty cold outside, I figured you could use a little more toasty company, besides your lance.” She replied, and a tiny smile was on his lips. He brought his arm around her, pulling her closer.

“It’s definitely warmer now, hm?” He said, making her giggle quietly and nuzzle further into his hold. His hand was hesitant, however, where it rested on her shoulder. Which meant he was thinking about something, and it was something between them.

“Much better. I still can’t help but wonder; What brings you out here all alone? Is everything alright?” She questioned, the concern in her tone making him sigh and look away. His hand went up to his face and he slid the mask off, still staring at the stars.

“How long will I be allowed to stay here?”


Gerome just shook his head, his grip tightening on her shoulder.

“When I’m born in this time, I don’t know how long I’ll be able to exist. You know how that works, don’t you? Either I cease to exist in this time, somehow go back to mine, or I’ll have to disappear in order to keep my newborn self from coming into contact with my current self.” He explained, and she nodded in understanding, realizing what that meant.

If he ceased to exist, or returned to his timeline, then she wouldn’t remember being married to him. Not only that, but if he had to go away, she’d have to leave with him. A shaky sigh escaped her lips, making him look down at her.

“That’s.. hard to digest.” She finally managed, and he scoffed.

“Yeah, and that’s just putting it lightly. To make matters worse, I don’t know what I’m supposed to do about it.” He murmured sadly. She nodded in understanding, brow furrowed as she tried to figure out what exactly the solution was supposed to be.

Time travel wasn’t exactly in her expertise.

“Well, we’re not going to figure it out any time soon, are we? Grima hasn’t been defeated yet, and it’s going to be a long time before Cherche and Lon’qu have you, considering the middle of the war we’re still in. I don’t think this warrants too much thought, does it?” She pointed out, her fingers intertwining with his.

“I wouldn’t think so hard on it if.. you weren’t, you know..” He trailed off, and a conscious hand came up to her abdomen. Despite what she'd just said about Cherche and Lon'qu waiting for their consummation, (Name) and Gerome's situation was a little bit different.

Being caught in the middle of a snow storm on an errand run a ways away from camp had been one factor, and then the warm bath taken together in the inn was another. Though in your defense, he had only just proposed to you a few nights before. And when you're stuck in a room with the man you love more than anyone else (and you're naked),

Magic happens.

"It's nothing for you to worry about, Gerome. At least, not right now. We can think about it when the time comes, right?" She reasoned, squeezing his hand reassuringly.

"It's just.. I just have so many questions. What do we do when the baby's born? Are they going to come through our timeline from the future, too? Or is he going to come from a different one? What if he doesn’t even come at all? W-What if.. What if I’m gone before he’s born?”

“That’s not going to happen.”

“Nine months is a long time, (Name). And you know that we’re attacking Grima in only a few days. When it’s all said and done, this all.. It all circles back to what I was just thinking about. If I’m here, or not.” He admitted, and she exhaled heavily, leaning on his shoulder with an even deeper frown on her face.

“I-I guess you’re right, huh?” She murmured, and he closed his eyes.

“It’s too much to worry about, and you’re right about that. But still, it’s just.. It makes me uneasy. I don’t want to leave you, or the baby, and I don’t want you to die for Grima, either.”

“You know it’s the only way to defeat him for good, Gero--”

“I don’t care!” He snapped, and she looked up at him in surprise. Frustration was etched along every curve of his face. He looked so anxious and worried, it near made her want to cry, herself.


“It’s not worth it, the sacrifice you’d have to make. You can’t honestly be planning to leave me, and… and this,” He paused, pressing his hand over your own, “Leaving it all behind.” He protested, and she felt her heart wrench at the idea.

Of course she didn’t want to leave him behind, and of course she didn’t want to give up everything they had, everything they were going to have. He might have been right, it might not have been worth it.

But ensuring the possibility of saving countless lives from here until the future, it just sounded so promising. She sighed again, looking up at him sadly.

“I know, I know. I don’t want to, but.. There’s so much good that could come from it. Ensuring the safety of millions of people from here until the end of time. Grima can’t hurt anyone again if we go through with this! Wouldn’t you want that?”

“Not if it means I’d have to sacrifice my wife to do it.” He replied lowly, moving to take her face in his hands. The sincere passion in his eyes was startling.


“Promise me you won’t go through with it.” He demanded, and she searched his face, feeling the conflict growing on hers.

“You know I can’t do that-”

“Promise. Me. ...Please.” He whispered. His forehead rested against hers now.

“But...what if Chrom can’t defeat him? What if it’s the only option we have left?”

“Then by the gods, I’ll strike Grima down with Falchion myself.” He stated, making her smile painfully.

“Only those worthy enough can wield it. Like Lucina, or Inigo, or something.”

"I'm going to find a way, if Chrom can't. But you know that he will. So don't do anything you will regret. That the entire Shepherds will regret." Gerome mumbled, and she felt a tear slip from her eye.

"O-...Okay. I-I won't." She promised, and he breathed out, all the tension he'd felt releasing in that single moment.

"Thank you, (Name). I promise to keep you safe, and that we'll ensure Grima never comes back."


"I swear it." He murmured, and pressed a kiss to her lips, parting only for the air when they needed it. She smiled against him, wrapping her arms around his neck and lying on top of him, Gerome leaning down and holding his wife against him as they lay in the grass.

“I love you, Gerome.” She whispered softly, and he smiled, looking down at her with a warm, content smile.

“I love you, too. And I’ll never let you forget it.”

She giggled, burying her face in his chest, relishing the moments they were sharing together, alone.

This truly will be our last moment together, for a long, long time.. I may as well make it count..

~To Be Continued~
Gerome x Reader Theorem [1]
VERY short series, probably only one other part! q v q
Don't worry it'll be great. <3 I love Gerome and I'm going to marry him on my third file on my game, so I was definitely compelled to write this story! q v q

I hope you enjoyed reading!! ^^

Next: *Coming Soon*

Does it annoy you when I upload one-shots between series updates? (just be honest i want to know q u q ) 

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